Singapore is quite the city: beautiful architecture, super clean, amazing public transportation, and delicious food. A city of pure luxury! After getting off the airplane, we jumped on the subway in order to get to our hostel. What a culture shock! It was rush hour and everyone had Louis Vuitton purses, sharp business suits, and high tech cell phones. After no more than 30 seconds on the train, we quickly realized that we were no longer in a place where people communicate with words and were surrounded by real live ZOMBIES!!! Welcome back to the first world! 

Looking out into Downtown Singapore!

We stayed in a quiet place called The Happy Snail Hostel, which had clean dorms and free toast, Nutella and peanut butter! We were so amazed that we could drink the tap water! No more bottles! We ate enough PB&J sandwiches to last a lifetime and quickly tired of eating the same thing all day, so went to search for some cheap deliciousness. The local food courts were a huge score! Cheap Asian food of every variety, with big portions and lots of spice. Needless to say we were in heaven. 

A huge sculpture of a floating naked baby in one of botanical gardens. 

Left: Huge tree at one of the many parks throughout the city. Top Right: Some scrumptious soup! Bottom Right: "Bob" the catfish at one of the botanical gardens. 

After a few bland rainy days of walking around and relaxing, the mood quickly changed with a new group of travelers at the hostel. The group was also exploring Southeast Asia and we were able to get some good advice about our next destinations. Coincidentally, Mikaela's Uncle Drew was working in Singapore at the same time and we were able to meet up for dinner! He took us to a HUGE mall called the Marina Sands where we had one of our favorite meals: SUSHI!!! It was so nice to be able to see family so far from home! 

Getting in the Christmas Spirit!

One of our favorite parts of Singapore was Gardens By the Bay, a $1 billion new age botanical garden! It was definitely the city’s main attraction and was free to walk around. They also had a nightly light show with Christmas music to celebrate the coming holiday.  It finally started feeling like Christmas time, everywhere we went had christmas decorations and holiday music, which gave us a little taste of home. 

Gardens By the Bay- Supertree Grove

Up close and personal with one of the Supertrees at Gardens By the Bay!

All the vines and plants climbing the Supertree structures were amazing!

For our last two days in the country we decided to splurge and go to Universal Studios on Sentosa Island. As soon a we hit the ticket booth we were instantly let down when we heard the main roller coaster was broken and wouldn't be fixed until the next week. So having limited options due to the rain and a tight budget, we headed to the movie theater! It was crazy to be back in a theater eating caramel popcorn. It almost felt like we would hop in the car afterwards and head home to our condo in Hawaii. 

Sentosa Island and Universal Studios!

Some funny signs at the beach on Sentosa Island. 

This was a gigantic FREE playground at Gardens By the Bay! We had a blast watching all the kids running around in the sprinklers and playing on all the playground equipment!

All in all, it was a nice pit-stop to refuel and enjoy a little bit of first world comforts for a short time.  But with sandy beaches just around the corner we couldn't be more excited to keep moving on! Thailand here we come!