The Real Journey Begins! ***Kuta, Bali***

So at last we have finally embarked on what will probably be one of the most memorable years of our lives. After saying goodbye to our friends/ family in Alaska, we started the 2 day journey to Bali. It took us about 36 hours to fly from Anchorage to Bali stopping in LA, Hong Kong, and Jakarta. 

Goodbye Alaska!!!!!!! Bali here we come!

When we arrived in Bali it was 8am and absolutely beautiful. Currently we are staying in Kuta, Bali which is kind of like the Waikiki of Hawaii. The beaches are super crowded and people are constantly hassling you to buy their make-shift stuff (side note: one guy tried to sell us a bow with a full quiver of arrows) hahaha. It is quite a sight! Kuta is close to the airport so we decided to stay here for a couple of days and rest up before we head onwards to Ubud. We decided on a $50 a day budget for the both of us and we are right on target. To break it down... Nice clean hotel w/ a/c- $30, the Indonesian food is AMAZING! and costs about $1.50 - $2.00 a plate (which is good for us because we love eating), and renting a surf board costs about $4.00 for as long as you want that day ha . We are living like kings!! 

Kuta Beach 

Strolling down the street.. strange beach entrance...

Some of the hundreds of offerings that can be seen all along the beaches, streets, and outside homes and businesses. 

Rented a 7' 6" funboard and had a pretty awesome time @ kuta beach break.

Glassy calm & 4-5 ft!!!


Overall we've had a great time here in Kuta, Bali but we are looking forward to going to Ubud tomorrow!