Poamoho Ridge, O'ahu

Welcome to the Poamoho ridge cabin! After an amazing hike through the ridges of the Ko'olau Mountains this weekend we arrived at this amazing cabin! What amazing break from.. well... people. Even though it doesn't seem that tough living in Hawai'i, imagine living in an area as small as Palmer, Alaska with over 1 million people! It is so nice to escape from city living and get out and enjoy the great outdoors!...... but enough about that. This place was one of the most amazing views on the island and we were so fortunate to have friends with access to this area through Mikaela's work. 

The ridge line over-looking to the east side of the island.

The Amazing Poamoho Cabin

Ohh the RATS!!! and/or Mongoose!.... Well trying to sleep proved to be most troublesome. Apparently these guys were not about sleeping either. They seemed to love jumping around on the spare metal siding stored under the building and driving us mad for about 3 hours until the monsoon arrived... The rain pretty much drowned out any and all noise that was bothering us before, which in the end became somewhat pleasant. Overall, we completely lucked out with the sunny weather and had one last Hawaiian adventure to talk about.

What a beautiful view looking towards the west.

The Jungalow (bungalow + the jungle)