The Million Dollar Moped Ride



You may be thinking million dollar moped ride as a once in a lifetime experience but lets be serious, we are specifically talking about money. The story starts after we get a sweet deal on a moped for the day (about $5). We decided to head up to Gunung Kawi, which looked to be an incredible temple with huge sculptures carved into the side of some cliffs. Long story short, after many trials and tribulations, we didn’t make it there…. our insufficient set of maps were quite confusing and not being able to speak the language didn't help either! 


So after what should have been a 25 minute ride (which took us 45 min) we pulled over to look over the map once more. To our good luck a complete stranger pulls over to ask if we need some directions…. Low and behold we were only 1 km from the road we needed to turn on!  We finally make it to Gunung Kawi but to our confusion the temple looks all wrong. There are no cliff carvings and there was no hike to the temple like we had originally thought. However, we decided since we were here to go check it out. Luckily, it wasn’t a total loss and turned out to be pretty awesome! 

Gunung Kawi Water Temple.

BUT… this temple was not what we really had come all this way for. It had the same name but was not the same temple we were looking for. Being determined to find the cliffs, we set out again driving for another 30 min. Finally we got on the right road, only to make a wrong turn a few miles down. We agreed to turn around to try a different road and 30 sec later…… KABOOM!!!! We were driving around a blind corner staying on our side of the road and slam head on into another moped carrying two 10 year old school girls, right in front of a crowd of people. We both look at each other wide eyed not believing that we just crashed into each other. After making sure everyone was okay, we both headed out our separate ways, somewhat shaken up, and with a broken scooter (still drivable but disfigured) plus our wounded pride.

We drove for another 30 minutes trying to find the temple and then finally called it quits.  By that point we had left Ubud 3 hours ago. Our butts hurt, our pride was hurt, our moped was hurt and we realized we were driving in the complete wrong direction yet again. With heavy hearts we headed back for Ubud and were dreading returning the broken moped. The total damage ended up at Rp1,000,000! ONE MILLION INDONESIAN RUPIAH which is only about 100 dollars, but still!!! Needless to say, we would really enjoy not driving on Bali again! Not to worry parents both of us had on helmets and were completely unharmed! 

Now off to Gili Trawangan!