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MIKEY & MIKAELA's Excellent Adventure!

Aloha! We've decided that although we've had an amazing run living in the Aloha State, we need to get some stamps in our completely blank passports. We contemplated thoroughly about where to have our next adventure and decided on a place where our buck would go the furthest (and the place where our favorite foods reside!) SOUTHEAST ASIA.

So... off we go, leaving our home in the islands and heading back to our homeland in Alaska for a quick stop, where we will get in some good family time, before our long journey into the unknown.

We have created this website as a means of keeping track of us through our adventure into Southeast Asia. We are both super excited to see what's in store for us and look forward to sharing our journey with everyone over the next months. If anyone has requests/advice of where to go or what to report back on... Leave us a comment on our blog. We are always looking for good advice or a juicy story. 

We will be constantly uploading photographs from the trip and upon return to American soil, we will be offering prints for purchase in the upcoming store section of our web page.